About Astrology

Astrology seeks to provide knowledge that can help you navigate your choices and understand your interactions with the world. 

There may be a picket fence, 2.2 children and a beloved pet in your future, but no-one can guarantee it.  Astrology is said to be about 80% accurate.  I use divine math and symbolism to interpret your world with you.  Otherworldly oracle, unfortunately not.  Think intuitive trail guide, tracker, star navigator. 

Is there still magic … absa-bloody-lutely!


As above, so below

Astrology is an Artistic Science and all the wonder that implies.  It is an ancient art that uses a map of the sky to interpret meaning in our world.  “As above so below …” is the cosmos echoed within us.

Think of the waxing and waning of the moon, and how that impacts tides and plants, not to mention loony moods ;-).  Imagine the different seasons, and how the cycle of life and death itself is echoed in the spring buds or stark branches of winter.  So too the planetary cycles in the heavens are studied and interpreted on the earthly plane.

Strict mathematical principles are used for astrological calculation.  This is the science part. The interpretations of the planetary placements are where the art comes in.  Every astrologer has their own unique way of finding meaning.

Today is the best time in history to be utilising the magic of astrology.  The mathematical calculating power that is available is unheralded in the history of mankind.  And the pure volume of ancient knowledge being found and translated in the last few decades is awe-inspiring!  


Ancient Origins

Vedic (Indian) astrologers from 3000 BC, and Western Astrologers from 350 BC charted the cycles of the heavenly bodies.  They then recorded and analysed the impact of those cycles on earth. 

Ancient sages studied Maths, Science, Astronomy and Astrology as one.  Astrology is heralded as the mother of sciences and religion.  This article explains it beautifully. 

Pythagoras, Plato and Aristotle all contributed to Astrology’s origins, with Ptolemy being one of the most famous early Astrologers.  In contemporary times, Carl Jung used astrology in his work, and even Albert Einstein referenced Astrology.

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Did you know that Astrologers were the first pharmacists?  These original healers spent many years learning about the properties of plants and relating it to universal principles.  Think about the last time you had a temperature - too hot!  Ever heard of the Hippocratic Oath that doctors still take today?

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So why should you care?

Because this stuff is magical, life affirming, potentially life changing, and just plain wow!


Finding those aha moments are just pure singing, silent, wild, bliss.  And I wish to share that with you.  To highlight the wonder in your chart, and your life. 

I seek to give this artistic science some credence.  To value and respect Astrology for what it is, a gift from the universe to me, and to you.

Your first breath

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Your first breath has immeasurable meaning.  That wisp of interaction with the cosmos inscribes the map of your karma.  That map is illustrated in your very own unique natal birth chart.   This is the promise of your first breath.  It’s the possibilities of what your little speck of starlight may become here on the earth.

The date, place and time of your birth are all used in Astrology. 

The longitude and latitude of where you took your first breath are used to pinpoint exactly where you were on the earth.  If you looked straight up at the sky and where all the planets were in relation to you, that is what is drawn on your natal birth chart.  The horoscope is drawn from your perspective on earth.


What happens then?  Well, here’s where it gets interesting. 

Now we need to figure out what that pretty chart means!  And this is where the intrepid explorer comes in.  I like to think of it like Sherlock Holmes.   The chart gives you clues, and an astrologer hopes to provide some insights on those clues.  How those influences have affected you, and which challenges and opportunities have been revealed is all up to how you have chosen to live your life.

Not only does your horoscope chart the promise of your life, it also points out the now!  Your chart continues to interact with universal planetary movements throughout your life (and after).  It is a gift that just keeps on giving.  The occasion is constant.  Every moment provides the prospect of a new event being triggered, or promising chances unfurling.

I’m sooooo excited to discover what your life’s promise holds. 

Give me a yell and let’s unravel how you can chart your path using the planets and stars.