2020 Transformation Event

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

The sparks are flying as the major 2020 celestial cycles loom.

Soultree Yoga and Astral Hippie have put together a way to aim those fireworks at lighting up your best decade! It's fiery, inspired, and the best way to use the energy of the cosmos!

Saturn and Pluto

Grandfather Saturn has been preparing you all through 2019 to let go of what no longer serves you. It's been a year of digging deep, letting go and saying goodbye. With the help of a guided meditation (using Saturn principles) we invite you to name three pieces of heartache and clutter, write them down, and set them on fire once and for all.

We add action to this intention in the most sincere way we know how, with a 'Havan' fire ceremony. This feeds into the Pluto energy of wiping the slate clean for new growth, a new way of being. Think Phoenix arising from the ashes.

Triple cycles

We'll share some insights on the triple 2020 Astrological cycles.

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn occurs in New Zealand on January 13th. This heralds a brand new 34 year cycle.

Our event date is set to start at the weird and wonderful time of 5pm on January 10th to prepare for this. The timing maximises the very best communication element available in the sky to help us through this transformation (cazimi Mercury).

This January cycle is the first of the triple cycles in the new 2020 decade.

The mid year cycle (Jupiter / Pluto ) only occurs every 12,5 years, and the biggie in December is a 20 year cycle moving from earth to air signs, that is also part of a 800 year cycle!! This is when our hatchling Phoenix takes flight!

Set your intentions

Another guided meditation helps you to identify your Sankalpa, or intention for the new year, decade, and triple cycles.

This unique transformation workshop is set in the beautiful and mystical New Zealand. It will help you move forward into finding your power, your wings of fire.
It's big, it's bold and its karmic!

We close off with a warm get together of chatting and snacks. We're all in this together. Our shared letting go of and declaring the new - will make the best use of this powerful time.

I look forward to sharing this powerful evening and time with you, and using it right.

Cosmic strength, star fire, and good wishes to you all.


Event booking and details:

Unique Astrological and Ayurvedic insights to guide the release of the undeserving and embrace the new.

Prepare for the major new celestial cycles, prepare for a transformation!

The new decade starts with some major astrological events. It is a really good time to review your life and let go of the past (especially aspects that no longer serve you) you and invite positive changes into your life in 2020.

Hosted by Astral Hippie and Soul Tree Yoga the line up includes: 1. Astrological look at Saturn and Pluto grand conjunction. 2. Guided meditation - reviewing your life. 3. Workshop - identifying what to let go of (the mental and emotional baggage that is weighing you down). 4. 'Havan' Fire ceremony 5. Set your intentions for the coming year and fine tune your Sankalpa 6. Meditation and closing ceremony 7. Celebration (snacks provided)

This is a one of a kind exclusive event with very limited places available. Be sure to book in to avoid disappointment

$70 for the evening (including food). Secret Pukekohe location (not in the studio) address will be advised after booking ;-)


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