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May Day

Even though I'm in the Southern Hemisphere, and it is getting chillier, I always think of "May day" during May. The image of colourful ribbons, pretty flowers, flaming bonfires, and joyous dancing around the Maypole just hit an everlasting happy note in me I guess!

The 1st of May is Spring day in the Northern Hemisphere. It has it's ancient roots in welcoming the new unfurling of growth and beauty as the sunny days get longer. Beltane is the pagan name for May Day - it celebrates the peak of Spring and the coming summer.

Astrology is based on the celestial observations the ancients made, and how they correlated to events on earth. The systems and symbols that we use today were derived from the Northern Hemisphere seasons and skies. So symbolically, it is a time to slow down, feel into the growth, and be grateful for the new increasing light. It is a time to be joyous, sensual, filled with the light of the stars, flowers, sun and moon. It is a time to celebrate all that makes you feel good (cheeky wink ;-). It is the essence of 'May day'.

May 2021, the world over

So what do we see in the skies right now that all humans here on earth can celebrate? A simpler week or two, a breathy moment to simmer in the sun or cuddle in the cosy blankies. A time to "feel into our lives".

Within a day it will be a Taurus new moon. Ruled by the goddess Venus, this moon is all about the feel, the savouring, the enjoyment. As the moon's luminescence rises out of the dark earth in the next two weeks, sense into the areas of your life that make you feel content. Ease into those unfurling 'Koru' spirals, bathe in the rose petals, inhale the forest walks.

Mars and the sun sextile Neptune add the tiniest little bit of shimmering magic to any physical activities you partake in. So, if you look closely while you're sensating in nature, you may just see the spirit of the forest, or a few skipping water nymphs! Gentle movement may also help ease the emotional simmering you may be struggling with (Mars in Cancer).

Oceans of wonder

The majestically bright planet Jupiter catches a break as it moves into it's home sign of Pisces in the next 2/3 days. it will have a nice little holiday there until the end of July (28/29th). This is a blessed and welcome respite from the restrictions it's been in for the last 1.5 years! Make use of it!

You can float away on your a bubble with your book, watch cute kitten videos till you fall asleep, go on a beach holiday, or enjoy a warm, smoothing and sensuous glass of Gluhwein. It's all about tapping into empathy, kindness, and the mysterious energetic flow of the world.

It can be a little overwhelming if you naturally inhabit the a Pisces type space. This could be the Pisces sun, moon or Ascendant people, or just those of you that are extremely intuitive. The energy in a room is a tangible thing for you, and large groups = overload. Make sure you find your own little pond, fuzzy pillow corner or stretch of nature that allows you to release and renew yourself in a safe and caring way.

Feeling words

If you've found yourself chattering like a monkey, or spinning like a top picking up weird tidbits of information, or just suddenly interested in a wild fountain of everything (at once) ... welcome to Mercury in Gemini! It's been there for a week already, so look back and see what bubbled up and out of you! Venus, our lunar ruler this month, joined the merry go round in Gemini 2 days ago.

Your may find yourself feeling into words and quotes quite profoundly right through until early June (2/3rd).

I first saw these Reiki precepts a few weeks ago, and was reintroduced to them again this past weekend (thanks Soultree). I am finding myself becoming (pleasantly) a little obsessed with it! Which I guess is the point. The idea is to absorb the resonance of these words - daily. To live them, and thereby improve your wellbeing.

These words, images and kind intentions all resonate with the current celestial mood. Contemplate the Reiki principles for a moment, feel the words ...

I personally have Venus in Gemini in my natal chart, so have always naturally been drawn to the fusion of words and pictures. I sprinkle emoticons like confetti in my emails. I share more memes than original thought, and if you look at my previous Astrology posts, they are chock full of pretty pictures! The language of symbology (or imagery of language) is likely what drew me to Astrology in the first place.

If you have a favourite meme, poem, or even just a decorated {word} ornament (such as 'Love' or 'Peace') on your windowsill ... put it somewhere prominent over the next few weeks. Or, create your own mantra, intention, or happy focus point - write it on a post-it, and stick it on your mirror, fridge or computer! (Perhaps write it in colour, add a decorative swirl, or bedazzle it!).

Use that feeling to tap into your intuitive connection and communication with world. It will improve your wellbeing, and may help soothe your relationships too. It may even lead you to explore new subjects, activities, or (universal) knowledge in the world. Who knows, you may pick up an inspiring new hobby or interest that you love!

The Juxtaposed weirdness

The sign of Gemini is social - so doing things that you enjoy or find interesting with groups, partners, and just sharing with others will all resonate. The sun joins the Gemini party in 1.5 weeks, which ups the ante ... so be sure to explore and connect in-between those 'day-dreamy' moments.

And yes, you can juggle the weirdness of 'floating away on a bubble' and the mad chatter of an online tea party all at once ... it's Gemini! The twins! The butterfly fluttering through it all.

We have the earthy Taurus, airy Gemini, and watery Pisces all rather prominent right now. The only missing element is fire, which you can add by doing the things that make you feel good or grab your fancy.

And on that random side-track ... I wish you a field of happy springtime (or autumnal wonder) exploring over the next few weeks.

> Be sure to ground, breathe, and close your eyes; imagine and dream.

> Decorate your new growth intention - read, and feel it, often.

> And, find moments to flit away on something or someone fascinating!

May the Taurean birthday folks swish around in abundant birthday spoils, and the upcoming Gemini birthday folk swirl away in carefree glee! Happy birthday lovely people!

Dream, be well, be.

Fairy dust love and wonder, and happy Taurus new moon!

Liezl@ Astral Hippie


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