Astral Hippies birthday

*What do you see in Astral Hippies birth chart?*

7 Dec 2018 | 20:22pm | Auckland, New Zealand.

I see an inspirational new moon planting the seeds for a new exciting venture with the “other” (that’s you 😉).

Jupiter is placed in its own adventurous Sagittarius, rocketing the potential for expansive relationships! The highly dignified Jupiter also rules the 10th house of career.

Mercury rules the rising sign Gemini (shared with Liezl James), and the angular 4th house of home (where Liezl will be doing her consultations). The planet itself is in the house of work (6th), in service to you. Its ruler Mars has triplicity, and is also located in the 10th - inspiring new heights in the mystical realm of highest purpose.


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