Astrological New Year

It’s a time for you to find your warrior. To find that unique authenticity that makes you special and will lead you to destinies favour.

It’s time. Step up, step forward, make the move towards the true you.

The planets support you with the Aries astrological new year. Uranus finding strength in being different, and Jupiter forging ahead on faith, luck and wonder.

The discipline and hard times are there (Father time & Pluto's Phoenix), and will grind away in the background ... but let’s make that work count. Let’s light the spark that keeps our mind intrigued while we take one step at a time to a better us.

Take that 5 minute daily walk, paint that first picture, write that first plan.

Light the match that will carry you forward.

DO. IT. Today!

Just activate that intention in the teeniest tiny way, every day.

Make it happen.



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