Astrology in Aotearoa

I was super duper fortunate to attend my first New Zealand (Aotearoa ) Astrology conference yesterday. Always fantabulous to be amongst inspirational people <3.

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber had an amazing session about reuniting the 3 hermetic principles: Astrology, Alchemy, and Magic. I swear my forehead buzzed, much energy swirled about that room!

Graham Ibell spoke about finding the story in a chart, and uniting your client with the cosmos. A lovely validation of my personal methodology, and a time appropriate message!

Fern Mercier touched everyone's soul with her message about working as an astrologer, magician, councellor, and a host of other titles. What an honour. And I just loved her vivacious giggle ;-).

I met such lovely people, who touched my lives in various ways. A wonderfully serendipitous occasion.

I found out about this international Astrology conference 2 days after I created the Astral Hippie Facebook page. There hasn't been one here for 22 years! Are the gods shining here or what!


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