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Scorpio Full Moon | 7 May 2020

The full moon is being lit up in Scorpio this month by the sun in Taurus.

You are being asked to be honest with yourself about what you are really really feeling about this being at home stuff.

What does security really mean to you. Where do your loyalties really lie? What truly has value to you?

You've had to adjust what 'normal' means to you. This moon is highlighting WHAT you FEEL about it, and what is going to stick around for the long term.

Scorpio digs deep, it turns up the underlying deep emotions. This may make you a particularly emotional loony bird over this full moon.

Do observe the thoughts and emotions that appear - they're likely to sting, but also hold a deep resonance with you. Follow the threads and see if you can find the real reason for your diva moments.

Once you've figured out what you want to keep in your new world view ... its time to let go of what doesn't serve. You may never forget, and those deep threads will always make up who you are, but resolve to take up the mantle of the fight that really means something to you.

Mercury is jousting with the moon and holding hands with the sun. It's adding a voice to the spotlight of the sun on the moon. And it's asking you what you are quietly trying to tell yourself. Heed that little voice, and formulate what the important things are you want to take forward with you in life. Leave the keepsakes in the memories box.

With heartfelt deepfelt full moon wishes to you all.

Love ALL of yourself, even the beautiful dark. It's what makes you special ;-)

Full moon California, USA: 7 May, 3h45am Toronto, Canada: 7 May, 6h45am London, United Kingdom: 7 May, 11h45am Cape Town, South Africa: 7 May, 12h45pm Sydney, Australia: 7 May, 08h45pm Auckland, New Zealand: 7 May, 10h45pm


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