Double luminary magic

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

THE SOLSTICE marks one of the four seasonal turning points. Stonehenge, the pyramids, the Aztecs - all humanity has honoured these cycles over our entire existence on this planet. The sun symbolises life, energy, movement, growth. It is essential to existence.

The sun is moving into Capricorn. This entails focussing on what is essential to YOUR existence. What is it that keeps you going when life gets tough? This is a good time for goal setting, recognising your steel spine, and the tenaciousness that has gotten you this far. Shine a light on your strengths, recognise what drives you and gets you through every day. As the sun rises, so do you, celebrate your light! Even if that celebration is a quiet smile in the shower, turn that glow inwards for a moment, and fuel your own radiant might.

NZ - 22 Dec, 11:23am

SA - 22 Dec, 12:23am

UK – 21 Dec, 10:23pm

However you mark this celebration, take a moment to set an intention for yourself. Honour YOU in the here and now, present in this transformation. Choose a simple and honest goal, say it loud, write it down, do it times three. Breathe in, breathe out, connect to the universal energy. You are part of it. And so it will be.

THE FULL MOON follows 19 hours later. Its glorious soft shining entices us to share in its abundance. The lunar glow emanates from the sign of Cancer, a place of nurturing, family and belonging. It’s being part of the greater universe, adding to it with your unique connection. It’s a soul soothing place of okay-ness. We are all under the same sky. We are all embraced by the earth, and the stars shine on all of us. Our journeys are different, our responses unique, we are all as changeable as the moon. That is the body of life, the beating heart that makes us come alive.

NZ - 23 Dec, 6:48am

SA - 22 Dec, 7:48pm

UK – 22 Dec, 5:48pm

Make a connection, send out some good tidings, do a good deed. Show compassion to an ant, notice a hungry child, hug your own special someone’s. It’s the little things that keep the world turning. Help it turn right.

It’s the little things that keep the world turning. Help it turn right.

With love, and all the glorious light of the sun and moon luminaries over the next few days. This is a magical time of new. Dance in those beams, whether it be night or day, join your bright to the cosmos delight. Be ok.

Astral Hippie blessings x


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