Feline Luna sparkles

A glorious bright, hopeful and magnanimous Leo full moon is just over the horizon! Lets look at how you can best soak up its splendor ...

Charge your crystals and spirit

This full moon is the perfect night for charging up your crystals. There are no dramatic shadows challenging this lunation. It is a fortuitous time that will allow the regal Luna queen to shine forth in all her glory!

The full moon is in the sign of Leo. Leo, the royal lion, gives your inner essence a dramatic flair of creativeness, generosity, and a wide open heart! The approaching Mars configuration (aspect) adds some adventurous spirit, and fiery oomph to this culminating moon phase. It adds strength, drive and inspiration to the sparkle, making conscious intentions ever more dramatic and powerful.

This lunar phase is about a generous spirit, a feeling heart, and ideas of the world and the people. Not so much the (sun) ego self. The “me, myself and I” part of you may get a little lost in the whirlwind of ‘bettering the world and planet’ vibes that are being illuminated here.

That’s not a bad thing, it simply means joining to the universal energy rather than standing alone.

Abundant Love

Did I mention luuurrrvveee??? Leo is all about the heart, and sending out your love. Be generous with your love this weekend. Spread it around like a beyond wealthy queen who has so much abundance she's happy to share.

Be generous to yourself. Spoil yourself with all those little luxuries you usually don't have time for. Read a book, have an ice-cream, do your nails, go fishing, or simply lounge around on a chaise lounge eating grapes.

Make some time for your spirit to charge up in the Lunar goddess power. Remind yourself of your inner power!

Be the king of your jungle and queen of the skies!

This is no time to be small. Its a time to feel the expansive love and immerse yourself in it.

The Leo moon is about being so fulfilled and full of life, you overflow with the sharing of it. You partake in the magical wonder, and share the abundance of it with the world. Your heart is ssoooo big its light never goes out. Let that light glow, and overflow.

Reaching the cycle summit

This full moon reaches the peak of the current moon cycle that started on the 25th January 2020. Those germinating thoughts are reaching full fruit now.

To expand and grow ideas and concepts – action your inner workings, intentions, and connections to spirit in the time leading up to the full moon. This same energy is what is used to enhance, charge and magnify crystal energy.

What should you do with all this lovely lunar goddess feline queen sparkly energy?

Take a moment to see how you can add to the worlds wonder.

What magic do you contribute?

Where can your gifts fulfill you and help the world? Initiate the actions to make that happen.

Charge your crystals, herbs, implements, tools and objects in the lunar light and time.

If you don’t want to leave them outdoors, put them under a window with the curtains open.

Try arrange the objects so the light can reach them directly.

Don’t forget your semi-precious stone jewelry and ornaments!

Cleanse yourself outside and in.

Take a conscious shower or bath, letting the old, stale go. Let go, let be.

Sit quietly and let yourself go wander around in the cosmic universe of your energy.

Meditate, sit outside, sit on a cloud.

Dream, draw, write, cook for fun – PLAY!

Express yourself, let the energy flow! Allow yourself to be 5 years old again, make mudpies, work on a model, sketch, skip down a hill, float in a pond and jump in a puddle.

Whatever lets the bubbling, sparkly, frivolous joy out – do it!

The Leo full moon holds an expansive, generous and joyful energy! Swirl around in it, express it, charge up yourself, and your life!

Purrrrrr-y sparkles to you all, enjoy the regal glitter and glam this weekend 😊.

Whether that’s a champagne party, spoil yourself cupcake, pampering afternoon, feather boa dance around the living room, or playful wander in the flowers ...may it fill the light in your soul with full moon feline splendour!

With love, and warm sparkly cosmic light xxx


Full moon moments around the world:

New Zealand: 9 Feb 2020 at 8:33 p.m.

South Africa: 9 Feb 2020 at 9:33 a.m.

UK / Ireland: 9 Feb 2020 at 7:33 a.m.

Los Angeles: 8 Feb 2020 at 11:33 p.m

Vancouver, Canada: 8 Feb 2020 at 11:33 p.m.


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