Forest magic

We did it! Soultree Yoga and Astral Hippie held their first collaborative event last week, Transformation 2020. Wow, what an inspiring evening!

Photo credit: Sirpa Gunn, Soultree Yoga

The group used the rebirth and renew planetary energies to build a new foundation, for the year, and for a new way of being. The combined energy uplifted us all, and gave us the support to find our paths forward. To identify, let go, and let be.

The blending of insights, knowledge, and just pure energy is amazing. Its not about check-boxes, its simply about being open to new experiences, and letting it lift your wings. Everyone had something to offer, to themselves, the surroundings, and thereby to everyone present. You all hold magic, and you don't need a glorious forest setting to find it, you just need to believe, in you.

The planetary cycles show a correlation to whats happening here on earth. By accessing that dance you get to move in your greatest power. As the moon energies wax and wane, so do the other celestial bodies. This year is all about breaking apart that which no longer serves, and building anew. We've done the work to break apart, now lets build. Imagineer those castles in the sky of being your truest you.

On Friday 24th January the glorious Venus and Jupiter are making bright shiny stars at each other. These are the two brightest lights in the sky, and they spell Cinderalla type magic moments! There is also a clear Aquarius new moon on Monday 25th January.

This is a good time time to set your annual intentions. You've done the big-time "what is your purpose" setting, now look at the life built around that, the day to day. This is the time to draw from group inspiration and feel held, comforted, and inspired to dream beautifully big! There is a bit of a practical grounding with Saturn in the mix of both aspects, however I think this only enhances the longevity of what you dream up. It turns the imaginary sparkle into real shoes that will walk you to new and wondrous places.

Paint that spectacular masterpiece that is your life, and plan the practical steps to get there. Do it in joy and with pleasure. Find happy bubbles, and let them be your stepping stones.

In magic, and wonder, and to making it happen! Cheers!



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