Here be dragons and full moons

“Here be dragons”.

What does that phrase symbolise for you? An adventure story, luck, night terrors, monsters of the night, foes to be vanquished, or mythical power?

It is all true, because that is what astrology is – your truth. There are literal manifestations, mythical delineations, actual events, or just plain old inner transformations.

The moons nodes symbolise a dragons head and tail. They are karmic, if not always nice, in nature. They represent the truth of where we’re coming from, and where we are going.

The journey

I’ve been searching for my own truth, my mythical power, the demons I need to overcome - my very own spirit battle - for decades. This weekend I was sure it was going to be revealed in all its power. Its been building, I feel it, the giant pyramid size steps I’ve been hauling myself up were showing a glimpse of light, the vista was meant to be revealed.

I was a little wary, because the indications were that the reveal was going to crumble a few stones, shake a few foundations, rattle my soul and probably be scary and hard core.

Well, um, the most recent Scorpio full moon has come and gone, and I still have all my fingers and toes. I’m a little tired, a little rough around the edges, but still standing and my life has not changed.

Or has it.

We always expect these dramatic, epic, high definition colour ground shaking changes that happen in flash. And they do - sometimes. Other times they’re internal, they’re just simple validation, and courage and well, making the best choices we can.

The current quality of time

The full MOON in Scorpio is not in its happiest place. It is in fall, which means it acts out of character and is highly uncomfortable. It does still however do its job and bring light to the darkness - revealing that which is hidden. The bright SUN opposite it highlights the moons surface, showing its full face. The planet MERCURY opposite the full moon is meant to help express what is being highlighted, opening up the channels of communication to the depths being explored.

The lovely VENUS is in its own sign of Taurus help to keep our feet on the ground, and adds some sensual comfort to the whole quality of time. The depths of delight if you will. Uranus shakes that ground somewhat but we’re not too alarmed, if we are - we just have another glass of wine to settle the discomfort.

You may also have read about the fixed star Caput Algol being activated. Medusa in all her piercing third eye glory was also let loose this weekend.

Personal whammies

This full moon happened to be right on top of my natal moon. Um, celestial luminous spotlight anyone?

My natal Mercury rules two key points in my chart, and is being zinged at full strength (the sun is bang on top of it). It is also close to transiting Mercury (double double whammy), and sparking that Medusa star as well (triple whammy). Transiting Uranus is activating my natal Uranus at full strength ... so basically just lots of whammies.

Something should have fallen out the tree when it was shaken right?

Well like I said, no bumps in the night or bumps on the head.

A different perspective

"But something did fall from the tree when it was shaken, it shed all its leaves."

I’ve been photographing this tree for weeks! I’ve scrutinised it from every angle, in all light conditions. There’s something about the decaying fixtures in the background, the charming old wood seat, the gorgeous soul startling colours, and the elegance of the branches as they’ve been baring themselves.

This weekend a storm passed through, and all the leaves let go and drifted down.

They simply stopped hanging on, and just let themselves be what they were - perfect in their unique independence, iridescent colours, and eclectic imperfections.

They landed in a different place, looking at life from a new perspective.

The dawn light

The change was quietly occurring the whole way up to this full moon. As the light was increasing in the sky the clarity was increasing in my consciousness. A little clue here, a suggestion there, a new sparkly interest, a frivolity, a drama, a spat, a cuddle, confirmation, courage - and being authentic.

I was even told literally by someone recently:

“You’ve been hanging on for dear life, just let go!”

I should add that was in a slightly exasperated tone hee hee. That would be the tetchy Mars in Cancer raising its caring head. Yes that phrase is a conundrum. Think exasperated parents of a toddler.

Aaaaaannnnd so, this morning the light bulb came on. At around 6am with 2 hours of sleep. My path HAS actually been lit. My questions WERE actually answered.

I just needed to let go of the final tendrils so I could see all the pieces that were left behind and create a new path.

I don’t know where it leads, there’s some darkness and some light. And oh bother, I cant see over the hill.

But that’s what letting go is. Just taking the best way I know right now, and putting one foot in from of the other while I watch each dawn unfold.

Internal reflection

"Night flight" | Photo credit: Sean James
“Sometimes the change is not an external one, but an internal reflection.”

Sometimes, Astrology shines its light inwards, so that we may reflect our light back at the world.

There are occasions where we need to root around in the dark to find the switch that allows us to shine our light. We need to take the step, be the change, make that freaking decision. Even if we can’t see what we’re doing and don’t feel like we know what the right step is. There are clues, there are tools, there is intuition.

Astrology shows us those clues, adds some sparkle, lights the way. Its just not always in the way we expect.

It still astounds me how every version of it can be true all at once. The outer, the inner, the universal knowledge and the personal knowing.

Our purpose, path, actions, thoughts and way of being are all a mystery to be unfolded over time. There is deepest darkness, guiding lights, ancient trees, cycles, a Sherlock Holmes “aha“ moment, and the flying dragon magic that surrounds it all.

And you know what? We’re never, ever, ever alone.

We may not ‘frame‘ the connections in our front of mind “picture gallery“, but they’re always around us. As my gorgeous life affirming furry friend already knows, as he heads fearlessly to the green fields yonder. Lets joyfully follow along and see what this insane topsy turvy life holds.

Astrological Magic at work, in the most unexpected and mundane ways.

Isn’t it just wonderful!


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