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Updated: Feb 28

The next month

It's Pisces season! Energies are overflowing, insights are bubbling up and the ocean of feeling is overwhelming all!

It's a mystical and magical month for sure! Be open to all the wonder out there. Do also take a care to protect your shiny hero bubble this month (especially Piscean sun, rising and moon signs). Try not to overdo the commitments and helping out. Save some time to restore and replenish your reserves of goodness.

This weekend - Use today's Virgo full moon to help turn those all-encompassing swells of emotion into imaginative insights, creative outlets, and just enjoying the good vibes! Venus has joined Neptune and the Sun in Pisces, so it's a great time to sink into some luxurious indulgence and enjoyment. Enjoy the flow, but do be cautious of getting carried away!

Celebrations - Only the best starry wishes to all the kind hearted Piscean people celebrating their birthdays this month! You are adored! Take comfort in the smiles you bring the world, and celebrate you!! A special shout-out to all the new 50 year old's shaking up the world, cheers!

The new 2021 path has begun

I've dubbed 2021 an "Imagineering" year. It is justice driven, has an aching for freedom, and has the vibe of being hellbent on improving itchy scratchy parts of our lives. In Astro terms - it has an Aquarian air all the way!

Generally 2021 has potential for imagining new ways, and turning them into real steps forward on your new path. It's not particularly 'kumbaya', but very much focused on tangible ways to make the world better.

This year we have stepped into the new 200 year elemental air cycle. You can read more about the epic new era changes here. Society is moving away from materialism towards ideas and ideals. Humankinds last trip through this cycle resulted in Universities exploding knowledge to the common people (13/14th century Jupiter / Saturn conjunctions in Aquarius).

2021 is also year 1 of a 20 year story. Humanity is re-imagining societal norms, infusing hope as we go. [Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius]. Think back to 2009, similar themes may arise for you! If you've been around longer, the same cycles also occurred in 1997, 1985, 1973, 1961. You may find some correlations.

2021 is also the embarking of a new 3-year journey into changing world views and how we use our resources. The early 90's example of this cycle saw the Berlin wall demolished, the crumbling of the Soviet Union, and the banishment of Apartheid. If you're a history buff, check out past world happenings in 1932-35 and 1962-64 for clues.

February's puzzle insights

We have just been through a bazooka month of insights (read more here)! February saw 5 of the 7 planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) in Aquarius - that is extraordinary!

Looking back over the last month, contemplate any potential lightning strikes of insight you experienced. Perhaps some random ideas about a new way of being arose for you? The insights from this month will provide great guidance on where your 1,3 and 20 year stories may lead you.

2021 Life tilts

Yup, there are some upheavals too this year. They are strongest around 18th February, 15th June, and 24th December.

The myth of Prometheus stealing fire (knowledge) from the gods and sharing it with humankind is the best illustration of these tumultuous waves.

The events may arrive like bolts of blue lighting, but they’re not for harming, they’re for breaking chains and achieving greater freedoms.

There is a purpose in the storms that may upset our tea cups.

The challenge between constraints and freedoms. Perhaps you can’t do it all, and need to select a few key things to focus on. Perhaps you can’t quite quit your job to save the world, yet, but you can help in your neighborhood. Maybe you yearn to escape it all, but realise you actually need shelter during Winter.

Challenging tensions are the insights that help us find what we want and need. The friction makes us change, and grow –for the better. Learn to look for what is possible and what you can manifest.

Life-changes may happen suddenly, or over time. We don’t know, we can’t control it all. Be patient with yourself. The only certainty is that it will be a surprise. Turn up, be authentic to you, and be game for that wild ride now and then!

Blissful wonder

From mid-May through end June we'll all be gifted a lovely respite. [14-5 to 29-6 Jupiter in Pisces].

We won't all win the lotto, but there will be some beautiful opportunities for day-dreaming moments of peace, creating bright new memories, or a lucky boon or 10.

It can be a fabulous time of creativity, imagination and marked intuition. Be careful of too much of the good stuff, and floating down a river of wine - but do enjoy the ride!

Mark the dates!

A cautionary sidenote – be wary of emotional eruptions. Take a moment to soothe your tongue before erupting a frustrated tirade on a close friend or family member, or petulantly ending something.

Good vibe wishes

Wishing you a fun full moon weekend, a constructive and fulfilling new way of being, and a great year ahead! May it benefit the world, our souls, and those around us.

xxx Liezl

@ Astral Hippie Astrology

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