It hurts - that's the process

Well, Aries / Ostara / Easter are having a poignant rebirth and renewal this year!

The drama

I've been awake since 2am, analysing, churning, and trying to find solutions to first world problems. Around 5am I had an existential crises, and turned into - chicken little. I suddenly felt the sky was falling on our heads, and everyone was shadowed by monsters, and it was a horror movie out there, beset by tragedy. Feeling like a chicken is kind of funny - being Easter, and with all the Ostara egg symbols of 'new life' being so profound.

(And chocolate, I mean seriously, who can be sad when you have chocolate. Come to think of it, how can you be sad without chocolate? It's simply a necessary part of modern life).

But not so much. You see, I was convinced everyone is feeling isolated, and sad, and struggling. Sure, people are wearing polite masks, but in reality everyone is scrambling in fear and heart-ache and disappointment. And I didn't know how to fix it. I didn't know how to fix me, and I didn't know how to fix us. I was terrified, horrified, and in mortal fear there was no point to it all.

For no apparent reason, the last 24 hours have been particularly rough - and the chickens have come home to roost (ha ha - not).

Aries: the ram, the first sign of the zodiac, the warrior

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and when the sun moves into Aries it heralds the start of the new Astrological year. This Aries transit is tied to the Equinox, Spring, and Ostara - all nature based symbols of rebirth, new life, and a new start.

Right now, the sign of Aries is a full house. The Sun, Venus and Chiron are all hanging out in Aries, and Mercury has just joined them. They are all under the influence of the fiery sword of Mars, who is the natural ruler of the Aries zodiac sign. Mars is in the sign of Mercury.

So what does that befuddled mess mean in layman's terms?

The very sharp cutting influence of Mars is influencing our words, inner fears, and our relationships right now. The slightest flare up will turn into a roaring and tumultuous fury. Fighting words, hurtful fears, off kilter and unbalanced woe's.

Or, you could get an ego boost, new surge of oomph, and do something fabulously impulsive.

Basically, everything is on high octane levels - epic rises, and epic crashes.

The downs

If you falter in your confidence, the hurricane of fire and swathe of sharp swords may take over in a flash. You could revert to your innermost insecurities, or your childhood night monsters, or quite simply just reliving the anxieties of the last half of 2020. You may discover new cuts that burn like hell, react tempestuously, flare up in hell fury, or just feel heartbroken for the world.

I meant to go look up the transits this morning to try and see if my epic paranoid crash could be explained in the symbols. I was beaten to that by some Astrologers on social media - they asked if anyone else was hit by a sudden inexplicable sadness over the last day or so.

Sayyy wwhaatttt?? It wasn't just me? I'm not looney tunes all by my unexplained lonesome?

So I looked it up in the current sky chart ... and wouldn't you know it, there it all was. Hurt feelings, cutting words, overwhelming insecurity, shame and deep fears. Speaking painful truths, and bringing it out into the world to be shared, and healed. And just for fun, a brief sprinkle of a depressive influence, and a seared relationship.

The Ups

My brief sad little experience is probably an over-sensitive reaction.

Most of you have probably had a grand time of exuberant fun and love, and family fun! Birthdays, joy, active outings and bountiful revelries, laughter, bright love, and passion.

That is exactly how to handle this month!

Be active, if it goes wrong say sorry and move on.

Keep getting up, keep fighting, and strive to see the bright and shiny.

I spent a cold 10 minutes desperate to find some kind actions in the world, to think of where some-one had connected, and been nice, and brought light into the world. If the lights go out - search for that light, it will lead you up and out of the darkness.

Take leaps of faith.

Have courage.

Take heart, manage your mind, and just do it.

Look for the light - fight for it, laugh to it, dance to it, just get there. You'll feel better.

Find an adventure, take action, get involved.

The way forward

Most of what I have described from the last 18 hours was manifesting quick moving and minor aspects that provide opportunities for rebirth and renewal. It's not to say they will manifest for everyone - but what they do is provide a glimmer of light should you wish to push the door open.

Well apparently my night time turmoil burnt the door down, gave light to the pain, and washed the path to a bright, clean and new way forward.

There's no solutions, but sometimes that renewal and rebirth is painful, and necessary, for our growth forwards.

When a child is brought into the harsh realities of life at birth it can hurt, and be wonderful, and wow, traumatizing, magical, and transformative.

The family is torn between all the conflicts and overwhelm, and needs to just concentrate on simple things like rest, and nourishment, and compassion. One step at a time into their new changed life - their new wonderful normal.

So too must we be kind to our inner children, acknowledge the shadows on the dark path, and the mist filled corridors through dark woods. Sometimes all it takes is a quick run into a light filled patch to give us a breath.

Find that hope, find that spark, and keep going. This is about taking the time to draw a smiley face on a plaster, but also finding ways to move forward, no matter how small.

Your wounds may be shallow or deep, be gone in an instant or require a lifetime of new days and new dawns. They are asking to be tended to. It's a great time to do that, for yourself, and those you love.

However, action is also required to keep the spark of hope alive, to keep that tiny flame fluttering. Keep achieving little victories, even if it is just finding a kind memory, or stepping out of bed.

You've got this. You are strong, and compassionate, and have a fiery sword and epic rebith and renewal at your back. Just keep moving, one breath at a time. Your perception can be bright and new, the spring flowers will bloom, the sun will come up, and your new day will dawn.

Basketfuls of new hope, light, love and epic epic adventurous wonder to you all. We're all on this mayhem ride of ups and downs. You're not alone, we are holding your hand and joining to the universal wide wonder. It's there, blink, feel it, live it.

Bright birthday candles

Spirit warrior vibes to those fighting to smile, those waiting in bursting anticipation for new arrivals, and those living life to the fullest.

Birthday cheer to the Aries warriors who get things moving with the luminous smiles and fiery spirits. You show us how to do this, you help us take the first steps and get us all moving.

Bravo to you and happy birthday! You are Fierce!


Liezl @ Astral Hippie

Some of the chart influences from this morning (literally to the hour).

  • Mercury in Aries gives our hurts a voice, it communicates out into the world.

  • Venus in Aries is faltering and bruised, passionate, but misunderstood.

  • The Sun in Aries spotlights the searing truth, and burns away the detritus.

  • Chiron in Aries - irrational insecurities, anxieties, inner emotional dark holes, old wounds and new wounds - all being brought up for healing.

  • Moon in Aquarius, applying to Saturn, a touch of mental gymnastics that could suddenly be weighed down in emotional anguish.

  • Moon sextile Mercury - verbal emotional outlets.

  • Moon sextile Sun - the soul and the the spirit are given an opportunity to come together and make sense of the impulses.

  • Mars square Neptune - painful strikes can overwhelm; universal empathy can feel confusing and sad.


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