June Solstice

Starry light and galactic blessings to you on this June Solstice.

In the Southern hemisphere, the Winter Solstice is arriving in the winds. It is the shortest day, in a darkly difficult time of year.

Here in New Zealand it’s the perfect time to just hide under the warm duvet. In fact, the moment the sun changes sign from Gemini to Cancer, its almost 4am in the morning.

Shnuggle time!

The sun in Cancer

The sun moving into the sign of Cancer heralds the seasonal change to Winter in the Southern Hemisphere, and Summer in the Norther hemisphere.

Whether it is getting warmer or colder for you where you are, the cyclic change is palpable!

Nurture your tribe

When the sun is in Cancer around June / July each year, it is always a time of nurturing.

Beam those caring vibes at yourself, your “tribe”, and the world at large. Turn your solar spotlight onto creating a homely space for you and yours.

This could include anyone or anything that is close to your heart. It could be lighting the archetypal home fires, or cosying up your virtual safe spaces.

It’s really just about sending your care and concern in a big hug to those around you.

Give your postie (Postal person) a smile, hug your pet, be nice to your neighbours kids, and send out an encouraging note to your online group.

Spread a little love around.

Put your heart out there

Its also a great time to put your ideas, emotions and energy into groups or organisations that make the world a better place. Whatever that means for you.

Any endeavour that makes you feel something, offer it/them a helping hand. That could be volunteering your time, doing a little beach cleanup next time you’re there, or just scheduling in some family connection time.

Put your heart where your ideas are, pour some energy into something for the greater good, and you’re sure to help make life a little better.


This years solstice asks you to communicate with those that are close to you. It encourages you to passionately connect and reach out to your “tribe”, and share your thoughts on what matters most to you.

Communications may have a touch of impatience, fiery irritability, or possibly even wayward criticism. Underneath all that stressy gumpf is the heart of the matter. Take a big breath and speak your truth in the most caring and considerate manner you can.

These communications have a karmic soul truth, and future impact. They are important! They may even create a powerful ripple that changes the world, or some-on in it, in ways you couldn’t even imagine.

“To the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world.” - Bill Wilson

One small step has a cosmos of impact. You can do that.

So make the effort, mind your temper, and reach out to those close to you.

Send a text, email, letter, face time or video. Pop in for a cuppa, zoom, WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram, Facebook, snap-chat. Give someone a real life-cuddle, YouTube, podcast, telephone, or even telepathically have a chat. Whatever wild and wonderful way works for you, just connect to those that matter to you.

The Deep clean

There’s a lot of stuff going on this week in the skies, and it may make us feel rather morose and overwhelmed. These dark little clouds of woe are not always “out there”, sometimes they are inside our own minds.

We may very well be swamping our outer interactions with our own inner harsh weather. The blizzard has been inside and outside.

That shadowy dark hue to the world is a filter of our own making. This week was that gross in-depth look at the bottom corners of the cupboard, the back of the fridge shelves, and the darkest recesses under our bed.

It has forced us to engage with what to let go of and clean up. If we haven’t consciously engaged, we may have been forced to end something, let go of something, or rebuild something in a better, stronger way.

It may have been a yucky week, all those dust bunnies and old spiders, but it was entirely necessary in the nature of things to have a truly, deeply clean house … so every inch of it can be filled with the sparkly opportunities that are coming!

The Universal gift

In the next two or three days the world will be dramatically lighter! Look out for gifts and opportunities, bountiful day dreaming, adventures, wild optimism, and exciting positive “wins”.

There are likely to be inspiring chats, sensual, mental and sensory pleasures. Revel in it and use the upswing and upbeat steps to your advantage.

Put on the rose, rainbow, and gold coloured lenses- magnify your light in the world!

The path forward

The sun always rises, and as it rises in Cancer it asks you to lift your heart, connect, and add your love the world.

Make it better, for you, those around you, the earth, and all the souls on it.

The wheel is turning, enjoy the ride!


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