Pixie the kitty's intense look suits the current swirling Scorpio vibes. We're all focused on finding the truth, regaining our balance of power, and lighting the way forward.

Today I looked up from concentrating on the screen to make make some notes, only to find the newest addition to our family sitting smack bang in the centre of the chart printout I needed. What's more, apparently she thought my work was superbly captivating!

Of course Pixies curled tail in the centre of a horoscope is totally giggle worthy, and I snapped a pic to share. However, upon seeing the kitty's razor sharp gaze I couldn't help but think of the deep, dark and mysterious ocean depths of the upcoming Scorpio season. About finding the centre of the target, the honest core.

Right now we are already digging around in the recesses of our subconscious for the real truth about our thoughts, desires and relationships. These seeking escapades may have been passing thoughts up until now, but they are about to move into centre stage with a very bright spotlight! There's no hiding when the sun moves into Scorpio in a few days. And, just to be absolutely sure we give these considerations our full attention - Mercury will remain in Scorpio until the 9th December.

Mercury rules our thoughts, intellect and communications with the world. Its current placement demands decisive action! It's a good time to work on cutting out a little template to peer through for the remainder of the year. Redraw the borders authentically to suit your souls fulfillment. Maybe a nice cat silhouette for Halloween, or a whimsical fairy for some day dreaming time, a fiercely driven dragon, or a clear-cut keyhole that blocks all distractions and lasers in on what matters most to you.

And yes, there may be battle lines, but there is every opportunity in the world to deal with them with white gloves and find a diplomatic solution. Take back your power, nicely, and with dignity and good manners if you can manage it.

There's no time like the present to find your balance, speak your truth, and gain back some energy. Reclaim your power in those areas where you've perhaps given away too much. Bolster your resources so you may keep adding your own brand of magic to the world. Its not selfish, its necessary. And that dear folks, is the honest truth of Scorpio strength.

We all have Scorpio power somewhere in our chart. Take a breath, and channel some of those passionate depths towards your own journey.

So that you may be the best you

at what you think and do.

Wishing you all an insightful kitty-scope! Till next time xxx


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