Let go and look up

The current energy patterns are starting to turn inwards, to our structures, past & hidden demons & shadows.

It’s time to accept, acknowledge, release. Make way for the new. It feels dark & lonely, but if you look UP your soul will recognize the hope and magic that is above.

All life is light & dark, above & below. It’s not a punishment, it’s a natural fact that cycles help us clear out & renew.

Do the work, let go of that which no longer serves. You’ll be lighter, and closer to the magic of the eternal stars.

If you need a hand on your quest give me a yell.

But most importantly - trust yourself. The wrong & right is in relation to what YOU feel, not the world outside. Nobody can give you those answers. They can help you find clues, but ultimately you choose the path and it will be right, because you chose it.


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