Letting go of the image

Usually people call me and say "what the hell is going on in the skies right now" ... usually I have an answer based on the current planetary transits I'm aware of. Usually I have a clue, an insight, an understanding of the symbols.

The Catalyst

Well, today I had to ask myself that question, and go look at the Astrology anew. What got me to do that? Reading this from Marie L: Trying to contribute to the people, animals, organisations and societies that are less so. I am aware it is a drip in the ocean, but I have made peace with the fundamental idea that something is better than nothing"

This particular phrase struck me front and centre between the eyes.

"I have made peace with the fundamental idea that something is better than nothing" Yogamarie

Why? Well, that particular message has been hovering around my consciousness for a few days now. I just hadn't actually realised it, or well, made peace with it, yet.

Breathing out

This past weekend was a long weekend in New Zealand. I don't think I've properly taken a "long weekend" for almost 3 years. There's always so much to do!

Well this weekend I worked extra hard Friday and Saturday to make time for an Astrology summit I wanted to join in on Sunday and Monday. And yet, about 8pm on Saturday, half way in, I just gave up trying to fit it all in, paid the money to have future access to the workshops, and went to watch tv.

Um, what the hell?

Anzac day, lest we forget their sacrifices. We are alive, loved, well, whole, hale and hearty (for the most part). We are so fortunate compared to so many. Why are we squandering those gifts, that power of choice that was given to us with head-held trauma that means nothing?

Why on earth am I running myself into the ground. How is that going to get me ahead? The definition of insanity - doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Since then, I have found myself shutting my pc down waaaayy before bed time, and doing what I can when I can (for the most part). I've finally stopped that bloody wailing urgent siren that if I just try harder I can get closer, and get it done. Well, I can't. Fact. 'True-that'. Some stuff is just going to fall off the wagon or be delayed.

Karmic whammy huh!

I had to come to terms with the fact that I was holding on to the misguided belief that if I just tried harder it would be so. The reason the astrology was far out of reach was that I was in denial.

All the stuff

Denial and truth, fear, sacrifice and gratitude, self worth and self care. Love. Letting go, choice, renewal, and growth. All little messages hovering around me the last few days ...

Fear, Choice (posted by Oak trees of Spirit), and transformative destruction (by Christal):

Profound transformation

Well, hello Pluto! On Saturday, the day I started to change my behavior and thought pattern. Pluto went stationary, then retrograde (25 April). That means it is revisiting all that demolishing its been doing, that pulling apart to rebuild, and asking you to acknowledge the truth of your story. What do you need to let go of. What boundaries, restrictions and limitations have you not acknowledged and pulled down? What darkness have you been ignoring, that needs to be cracked open to get to the light?

Even if its painful, something has to die for something else to grow in its place.

These Pluto Phoenix vibes have been around for a while, and are quite entangled in the major cycles this year. So same-same right? Not really. This particular reversal is a message to revisit the work of the last two years. To review what you have discovered, put in place, and refine that construction a little more. Even if a blasting cap or wrecking ball needs to revisit the site of transformation in order to make the dream a reality. To make it truly strong and secure and sustainable.

The last of those wishful thinking wisps are being blown right out. Honesty, cold hard reality. Stark, but sustainable and powerful in the long term.

The honey coating & silver tongue

Posted by Faye ...

There was recently a full moon in Taurus (22 April), followed by Mercury entering Taurus (27 April) .

What dialogue can you have with yourself to support yourself better?

Where can you be kinder to you in order to make your success more achievable and sustainable.

Where can you find gratitude and beauty to help you live your story.

The moon is now waning, letting go.

What is dead weight and needs to go.

Mercury and the sun in Taurus coming together (4 May) ask you - what will let the new light in? Where can kindness show you a new path, and make magic?


Venus and Mercury still have much to share over the next few months. There is beauty in sharing, kindness, goodness.

Sometimes it's as simple as forgiving yourself, letting go, being kind, and being grateful in what you are doing. Simple is not easy. It's not all roses and sunshine and quick transformation. There is darkness, and pain, and hurtful truth too. There is beauty in that transformation and growth. Wonder.

That honest combination has EPIC power.

Your authenticity and bare bones heart-striking dialogue will show you the challenge and beauty that is you, and the strength within that can change your world.

The planets are holding your hand, and showing you the way. Be brave, be honest, let go the dead weight, and enjoy the simple beauty. It's everywhere, and filled with transcendent magic.

In transformation, growth, and the beautiful dialogue of the cosmos ... be well, safe, cared for and perfectly beautiful as you are.

AH xxx


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