Rare Aquarius Gathering

Updated: Jan 20

The sun moves into the sign of Aquarius within the next day.

What does this mean?

Well for all you Aquarius sun sign babes and dudes - H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y!!

Stellium Surprise

And for the rest of us? A stellium load full actually!

Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are already in Aquarius. That's 3 planets in a sign, which is called a Stellium. Add the Sun, followed by Venus, that's *FIVE* stellar bodies in one sign. That's extremely unusual!

1-18 Feb: 5 planets in Aquarius (squared by Uranus).
11 Feb: Mars squares Mercury
12 Feb: + new Moon = 6 planets in Aquarius.
1-21 Feb: Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius

That is a lot of planets being activated. This indicates a lot of personal zaps of insight over the next month - for everyone - so look out for clues!

Stellium tips

  • Keep your eyes open for bolts of inspiration and new ideas.

  • Look for new ways to be involved in and help the world.

  • Be wary of removing (or burying) your emotions too much.

  • Do check in with your heart now and then before you decide anything.

  • Use tactile activities to connect to your ideas.

  • Mind maps, journaling or drawing are great ways to let the creative inspiration flow!

Life Themes

We all have an area of our birth or Natal chart that is ruled by Aquarius. This particular life theme will be lit up like a fireworks display over the next month, so take notice of what topic/'s are highlighted for you.

You will have intense focus and extra oomph within these areas (e.g. relationships, study, family etc.) - so use it! You have an opportunity to evaluate, feel into, plan or grow that area in a decidedly significant way.

Your decisions and findings could be internal or external. With Mercury retrograde there's a strong leaning toward reviewing your values and structures on the related matters. You may return to a prior matter, idea or project, and re-imagine it - giving it a new lease on life. If you do travel, deal with technology, purchases or paperwork - do dot your I's and cross your T's! And expect abrupt turns and twists as you forge your new path.

Aquarius and the fixed signs

A new 200 year era was ushered in at the December 2020 solstice (Jupiter and Saturn moved into Airy Aquarius - read more in this musing).

The sign of Aquarius therefore decidedly impacts everyone's future, particularly in 2021.

What's more, the rare Stellium makes February a super-charged bazooka influence!

The Aquarian impact extends to all fixed signs too. You could have up to four areas of your life being loudly present during February.

In the context of a circular chart (360 degrees), the signs on each of the four right angles (+) are also affected.

Imagine a compass with the 4 cardinal directions - North, South, East and West. Those 4 directions are the same as the 'angles' in Astrology, which are very sensitive points.  They are 90 degrees apart, like a plus sign (+).

Fixed signs
The 4 fixed signs in Astrology are also at right angles (+).

Fixed signs are reminiscent of the middle of a season, steadfast.
Cardinal signs emulate the beginning of a season (initiating change).  
Mutable signs start merging into the next season.

Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are the fixed signs being activated.

If your sun, moon or rising sign is any one of these four fixed signs, your intuitive feelers are likely to go nuclear in the next month.

If any of these fixed signs are angular in your chart, upgrade those feelers to a traffic light hitting you between the eyes.

Again, we all have all 12 signs around our circular chart. So these starbursts will affect us in any of the one to four life themes being activated. If you have fixed sign sensitive points its just going to be more of a jet fuel kind of way than a tealight candle!

An Aquarian look-see

The sun is in Aquarius from 20 January to 18 February. So that special gathering of planets (Stellium) and all it swirls up will have a decidedly Aquarian flavour.

Sun sign Aquarians

If you're an Aquarius sun sign baby, your personality and interests and core identity will just shine this month! You are probably quite quirky in some way or other, you think out the box, you invent new ways of doing things and - you may be a little weird.

Let your uniqueness out the cage and flaunt it this month! You know how to do this special and different thing. You've always been that way. Show the world how its done, because they're in the thick of it too this month!

Everyone else

Embrace your Imagineering's, suss out your new pattern awareness and follow up on that make the world a better place stuff! And if you know an Aquarian, take courage from their different way of viewing the world, and join the wave of creating a new world, a new way of being. Swish on that feather boa, walk in those Birkenstock's, build those Lego castles, and consider that wacky investment. Start that community food forest group, build a tiny house, step into your leadership shoes.

Whatever it is where your uniqueness is being spotlighted ... the world has changed, you're supposed to be doing it differently - so add your magic to make it so!

The Star card

The tarot card 'The Star' is associated with Aquarius. The water bearer pours life giving insight, knowledge and wisdom onto the earth.

Aquarius is an air sign - intellectual, intelligent, optimistic and structured in their own way. Revolutionary, and rebuilding the future anew.

Aquarians have their own internal clock and create their own disciplines. They don't march to the beat of society's drum. These clever folk are often way ahead of their time, and can feel a bit out of place because of it.

An Aquarian could be a stellar lawyer, and on the weekends get tattoos and organise community cleanups or enjoy network computer games. An Aquarian born person is definitely unconventional. Their mind finds often tangible new ways to make a difference.

People with strong Aquarian placements can be optimistic, inspiring and often strongly (if quietly) humanitarian. Their inner compass is driven by a sense of truth and freedom.

The water being offered to the earth and its inhabitants represents emotions, insight, connectedness, and sharing for the betterment of all. But is is contained! Emotional responses are often detached, separate, and can be disconnected from the action taken. Aquarians don't need to feel the bleeding to get up and stop it.

The Aquarian star card represents the upcoming February flavouring for us all. It will overlay all the primary themes being brought up for you.
We can all take part in making a difference, being original, and channel our very own mad inventor for the greater collective.

A Supportive Crystal

Aquarians often give all their energy to their chosen cause. When unbalanced they withdraw and suppress their emotions. They can then become touchy and easily offended. This closed up "holding onto their edges" for sanity's sake can cause them to hold grudges, and not forgive easily. This eats away at the bridge between action and feeling, making their world exhausting and draining.

Amethyst is a good stone for Aquarians - at any time of the year.

The purple mineral helps Aquarians connect to their inner intuition and spirituality, as well as greater Universal energy. A cohesive link between head, heart and spiritual guidance is beneficial to deciding the best way forward.

The immense stress felt from not being able to improve the world all at once is also soothed with Amethyst. Waiting for the world to catch up to new ideas is taxing. The purple power crystal offers enhanced patience to these tireless idealistic revolutionaries.

Amethyst is also a good stone for everybody for the next month! Not to mention just a great overall crystal for anyone - at any time. Spiritual enhancement, guidance, soothing healing. Who wouldn't benefit from that!

Upcoming Events

MoonTribe Imagineering event

The Moontribe is celebrating the first full moon of 2021 with an Aquarius inspired *IMAGINEERING* EVENT (restricted numbers so book soon!). This will be held in Pukekohe, New Zealand on 29 January 2021.

We will be utilising the rare and special Stellium time to imagineer our way forward in this brave new world. It promises to be an uplifting, fun and inspiring gathering!

This January full moon will be in royal Leo, opposite the sun in Aquarius. This full moon harks back to the Leo new moon in August 2020. Use this moon energy to tune in and see if any bold and creative ideas have sprouted since then!

Upcoming Astro Intro Workshop

A number of my sparkly clients have expressed an interest in learning some basic Astrology. They all want to be able to read their own charts. These introductory learnings can then guide their further Astro explorations and nurture their interest. And of course - just spend an hour or two immersed in the wise, wonderful and magical world of Astrology!

I am initially planning about 2 or 3 friendly and informal workshop sessions (if possible, in person in Franklin, NZ). Thereafter I plan to extend it to the global online community.

If this sounds up your alley, I invite you to email to register your interest. You will be the very first to be notified when the workshop booking goes live!

Bright sparks

The month ahead promise bright sparks! May they light wonderful birthday celebrations for all the Aquarian wunderbar people out there! And if you can't celebrate your usual way, use your Aquarian super powers to devise a fantabulous new way to celebrate you!!

A special happy birthday to my quirkily fabulous Aquarius family and friends! I seem to know a lot of amazing mad hatter, inspirational and inventive peeps, cheers to you!

May this month ahead light shooting stars for you all, in wonderful unimaginable new ways.

Lots of stellar good vibes and love to you all,

Liezl, Astral Hippie Astrology


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