SAG-ifralistic Optimism

Shhhh, tread quietly, we're sneaking up on optimism!


The season of the centaur is the ultimate gung-ho, no holds barred truth-seeker! And yes, very much an optimist - believing and often manifesting good cheer, good fortune, and all round bright light!

It's ruler Jupiter is still in a subdued state, and not quite in a free-for-all gallop, so walk softly on your lucky horse-shoe shod hooves in the magical forest ...

Do start to enjoy the mystical lights that may be appearing in your consciousness though. There really are silver linings, magical sightings, and blessings to be found!

There is so much turning around right now, and you can cautiously start to plan what you're going to aim for in your sights ... Stand steady, look around, but if you can - hold off from firing that arrow just yet.

The sun is in Sagittarius, so we are wholly wanting to jump in, party and get our festivities on. However, Mercury and Venus are still in Scorpio, so our hearts and minds may still be scheming and strategising a little bit.

Direct Mars in Aries is begging us to light that arrow of intention aflame, but its still slow and quite inflammatory! Your message and motivation is getting revved up, and the gates are starting to open, so step forward - but think before you do.

You may not have all the pieces yet.

There's a lot coming to light over the next month. Your motivations, values and strategising are all valid, but don't commit them to the bank quite yet if you can wait. Neptune slowly circles direct towards the end of the month (28 Nov), lifting the mists on the path a little, and allowing our intuition to focus a bit better.

Also, new ideas or random information may strike your fancy or inspire at the coming Gemini full moon eclipse (30 Nov).

So what to do?

*Enjoy the optimistic vibes

*Wrap up and organise the jumbled and deep thoughts and wishes from the year

*Start putting together your game plan on paper

*Take some exploratory steps, gather info

*Add a spring and a skip to your step

*Have hope

*Look for rainbows and silver linings

*Make some good times happen

*Show people you care in the simplest of ways

*Count your blessings

*Seek what has risen in your soul with the moon this year

*Recognise what drives you from the inside out

*Find your fire, swirl in the passion, and dance in the Arabian nights

*Know, live and love your truth

We are heading to the 21st December, where we embrace the start of a new epoch. If at all possible, just enjoy the swish to the year end, giving thanks we're still here, and for all that has grown in our consciousness this year. And yes, be optimistic!!!! Just try not to gallop - just yet ;-).

If you're a Sagittarius rising you will most likely buoy-up those around you. Don't feel bad or hide that glee - we can all do with a boat load of smiles!

Wishing all Sagittarian's a very happy and blessed birthday!

Also, a deeply heart-felt and star-covered shout out to all my family members celebrating such epic occasions in Sag season this year!! The cosmos celebrates with you lovelies x.

Lots of love all, its the season to spread it around, and light up someone-ones day :-).


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