In Astrology the moon is the archetypal light for your emotions, inner voice, and soul. Striving to be more “in tune” with your own spiritual growth, or even just understand your feelings is all encapsulated with the wondrous la Luna.

The mystical light we take for granted symbolizes how we feel fulfilled. Thus aiming for the moon is aiming for your hearts contentment.

Twinkly stars are magical, mysterious and achingly endearing to our souls.

Why do we stare endlessly up at the sky?

I think it’s because the fixed stars and planets guide our way. They hold the secrets of cycles, undulating movements over eons of time. They connect to other lights, and separate, they hold this grand and epic dance to their own tunes.

Our mind understands that the moon dances her way through the month. We understand the tides, waxing and waning night, darkness and light.

Planets are the same, they just take longer. As there are times for planting under the moon, so too there are times for action in other planetary cycles.

Astrology is the study of these cycles over thousands of years. It is the interpretation of these movements. An artistic science. Math and art. The joining of the heart and mind.

I think our soul knows this, which is why we gaze into the sky for answers. Our soul knows there is guidance there. We just need to reach for it.

🌟🌙light of the cosmos to you dear friends. May your heart know the moon is always there, even if you can’t see it.


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