Take a Taurus moment and luxuriate

It’s a Taurus full moon in the next 24 hours. Take a few moments to do something luxurious, to connect to simple, earthly pleasures.

Eat a delectable treat, stop to watch the ocean waves, thundering rain, or wind in the trees. Watch the sands shift with wonder, share a coffee with a friend, smile at a stranger.

Plant your feet in the goodness of wholesome.

This is a comforting lunation. It’s pure and simple - light.

So have that luxurious bubble bath, eat the best chocolate you can find, and just revel in it.

Don’t feel guilty. Do take the time to savour the marvelous splendor of your pleasure.

Connect, find your happy.

It’s ok to take a breath and a moment to enjoy this world we live in.

Step away from worry and just feel the sun, smiles, love. Now is the perfect time!

Splendiferous moon beams to you, may you find your simple every day magic today!

Photo credit: anonymous art


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