Taurus NEW MOON Droplets

Updated: May 5, 2019

A brand new cycle starts with our feet firmly planted on the ground and our eyes reaching for the stars!

The new moon is in a very happy (exalted) place, and may even do a little jig on that earthly plane! There is an also an element of dreamy escapism here as Neptune’s mist seep over the moon, sun and Saturn. Take that long bath, blow bubbles, open a delectable bottle of something, have a nap under the trees.

In fact, lying outside on a cuddly blanket with sensual treats, dreamily searching for shapes in the clouds is exactly what it its all about. Take a moment away, ground and treat yourself so you can dream your fondest dream.

Active elements are also being sparked (Venus/Mercury in Aries). Be interactive, give and get hugs, chat to those you care for, and if necessary take a breath if the conversation gets fire-crackery! Take the step to love not war.

The Structural Saturn help those who are less likely to waft away on a bubble – make a PLAN to take some time time out. Pack the basket and blanket, add chocolate to the shopping list, schedule a phone call. Make space for the day dreaming that fuels your ambition.

And if you’ve been in dreamy land far too much this year, Saturn adds a secondary grounding factor. It reminds us to plant our feet and make a pragmatic move now and then, like eat, drink and be merry, not just to exist on whimsy.

There is a bit of the deepest recesses being activated here (Pluto, S Node). Desire, power, or the past may pop into your consciousness while you’re day dreaming. That’s good, it is showing you what you need to see, work through and deal with to move forward.

So, first and foremost, honour the lovely Venus with bubbles, and light, laughter and wine. Plan some time out for you. Take sensual, delightful actions that please your soul.

In your dreamy musings you may realise what you no longer care for, and move forward free-er and more open to trust and delight. Isn’t that a wondrous place to be!

Dark, dreamy, passionate, sensual, delightful soul stirring passionate new moon wishes to you all.

Make the time, your inner self will thank you.

Xxx Astral Hippie Astrology

  • New Zealand: 5 May, 10h45am

  • South Africa: 5 May, 12h45am

  • United Kingdom: 4 May 11:45pm

  • California: 4 May, 3:45pm


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