The Celestial promise

I'm currently refreshing all the Astral Hippie Astrology businessy stuff. Social media, SEO, reallyyy limiting copy text (who knew blank spaces count as thoughts!). I'm not a fan. I know it matters, but sheesh I'd sssoooo rather be looking at charts!

However, in the process I had to really think about what I'm doing here, why I'm doing it, and why you should care. And you know what ... I was reminded why I care.

Its just so freaking magical.

The cosmic wisdom cycles are continuous, and there's always illumination if you look hard enough and let it speak to you.

The resulting "short story" of why I care, why you should care, and how it works is written up below for your tantalisation ;-).

Hope you find a moment to care about in your day too ...

Sparkles and celestial light to you all xxx


Astrology seeks to provide knowledge that can help you navigate your choices and understand your interactions with the world.

I’m here to help you find clues to your purpose, how to best approach the stuff of life, and clarify intentions and aspirations. I’m Sherlock Holmes to your Watson. I find patterns and highlight concepts - together we figure out what it means.

Your celestial promise is echoed in your birth chart, created from the moment of your first breath. Together we’ll use the symbolism of the skies to guide your way.


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