There's a light on

The full moon in Libra reminds us to reach out to another.
Take that step to text, message or call someone. Send out a wish and build a bridge.

There is a light on out there, calling us all together. We’re all under the same sky.

Libra is about beauty, harmony, relationships. It calls us to be the diplomatic peace-keeper, to be gracious, ethical, loving and kind.

The sun in Aries lighting it up gives us the oomph to take the step to do so.

A full moon is when the sun is opposite the moon. The sun in fiery action orientated Aries is helping the peaceful, loving, angel moon in Venus to do what fills her soul with light.

We are been asked to let some slighted action go. To ease back a step from righteous indignation or anger, and hold out a hand to the peaceful light, the greater good.

Astrology is used to time the Christian Easter. After the Equinox, the Egg or Easter moon occurs, and Easter then falls on the next Sunday.

This moon is also called the Pink moon, because of the Phlox spring flowers in the Northern Hemisphere.

Ancient origins name Inanna (Sumeria), Ishtar (Babylon), Aphrodite (Greek), Venus (Roman) and Ostara (Germanic goddess).

Common themes are therefore the coming of spring, fertility, rebirth, light, joy, blessing.

This is the centre of what Libra, ruled by Goddess Venus, represents in Astrology.

I wish you all light and love, in whatever form lets the beauty flourish from your soul.

May you take a moment under the full moon, and recognise peace, connection and harmony. I hope you extend that moment, and reach out to another.

We are all in this together.

Harmonious butterfly wishes and blessings,

Astral Hippie x

Full moon:

Cape Town: 8 April, 04h35

Auckland: 8 April, 14h35

London: 8 April, 03h35

California: 7 April, 19h35

Toronto: 7 April, 22h35

Easter origins:


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