Joining the dots between you and another.


Bring along a cohort and see where the sparks are! Gain deeper insight into your relationship.  Understand where you support one another, and how the stars shine on your alignment. 


Duration 90 minutes with you (+ 90 minutes preparation beforehand).


Pricing is in NZ$.


    This is a wonderful reading for any two individuals to share.


    Look at connections between you and a family member, friend, work colleague, partner or even acquaintance.


    These merged interactions highlight where the sunny parts are, and where an umbrella wouldn’t go amiss!

    The insights into both charts can help you both to understand how you deal with relationships in general. How the complementary dots between you can help with the rough spots.


    A fun way to add some radiance to your relationship and help it grow. How to use the sunny days to shine through the rain clouds and create rainbows!


    If your companion is unable to join, please ensure you have their consent to review their chart. This is a look at their individuality as well as yours. Personal insights need personal consent