#Just You

#Just You


A package of wonder that's all about you.


Take some 'me' time!  A combined #Natal Promise and #Look Ahead offering all in one.  A total immersion in the best of both worlds.  Your greatest potential, and which parts of it will be revealed in the year ahead. Duration 1.5-2 hours (+ 2-3 hours preparation beforehand).


Pricing is in US$.

  • This consultation is an in-depth exploration of you!  Where do you shine, where can you grow, and what the road ahead looks like.


    It all starts with your natal chart, your karmic map of potential.  We have a look at how it works for you, the main themes and strengths.  What does your personal paradise look like!  


    Various timing techniques are then calculated from your natal chart to see what’s up ahead.  What stories are coming alive in this cycle?  Where are the conquering heroes and where do the mud pits lie? What part of your treasure map is coming alive in the upcoming 12-18 months!

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