#Lastinsight | Oct-Dec 2020

#Lastinsight | Oct-Dec 2020


What does October - December 2020 look like for you?

Get the last of the 2020 insights.


This is a unique offering LIMITED TO 20 LUCKY PEOPLE!


Using your personal birth details I'll create your customised written astro-scope for the last quarter of 2020 (Oct-Dec). I'll look at the themes that are highlighted for YOU, potential coping mechanisms, and how to best use the current energies. 


The professionally collated Adobe pdf document will be emailed by October 2020.  The content will not be pre-developed. It is a bespoke document written solely for your individual birth chart.

  • This kind of future 'look ahead' reading usually requires a prior natal reading, and detailed analysis that takes hours and hours of work. This offer is limited to 20 readings - get in quick!


    I've developed this special offer to make a dream come true. It's my gift to you, and our synchronous taking part in the magic of the skies.

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