What to focus on in the year ahead.


A look ahead at your solar return and planetary cycles for the next 12-18 months. Let's find the gifts being revealed, and what areas of life are in the spotlight in the year.


Duration 90 minutes with you (+ min. 90 minutes preparation beforehand).


Pricing is in NZ$.


    A prior #Natal Promise consultation is required to book this.


    This option is a great birthday treat!  One of the techniques used is a Solar Return.  This is when the sun returns to where it was when you were born.  A lovely way to light up your birthday candle! 


    Let’s have a look at your personal sparkly new year. 

    > What are your main themes for the year? 

    > What dates are important, and why?

    > Where are the opportunities, and when should you be cautious?


    The #Look Ahead reading is a useful way to illuminate your path forward with intention.  Use it to focus your energies in the most beneficial way possible in the time ahead.