Take time to know yourself better.


Start here with an in depth Birth or Natal Chart reading.  

Investigate your strengths, 'slower-to-shine' hidden traits, and your unique quirks.  

This chart highlights all your greatest areas of impact.


Duration 90 minutes with you (+ 90 mins preparation beforehand).


Pricing is in NZ$.


    Your natal chart, or birth chart, is calculated for the moment you were born.  This is the natural starting point on your astrological journey.


    It is a karmic map filled with clues about you and your life’s potential. It describes which areas of life you are strongest in, as well as the kind of things you have an affinity for (and probably take for granted). The chart also highlights where awareness could perhaps help you to overcome any difficult areas.


    This reading is about how to live your best life by going on a treasure hunt. Your birth chart will help you find the “X” on the map, and identify the many treasures and wonders symbolised by the cosmos .


    It shows you the tools you have to work with the tidal ebbs and flows rather than against it.  It helps you sail as smoothly as possible to your very own paradise.