#Pinkie Promises

#Pinkie Promises

This personalised #Pinkie-Promises report is all about a new baby's Astrological birth chart.

It provides insight into their Key 3 planetary placements - the keys that unlock their birth chart.


The Sun, Moon and Rising signs (Ascendant) are the magic keys:

 > What is their core identity?

 > What is their emotional essence?

 > What does the world see?


* A professional 'print ready' magazine format Adobe pdf document is emailed within 7 days.

* You get 10+ pages of custom created content about unique characteristics, written just for you.

* The birth chart never changes, so these insights are useful forever!


Useful suggestions like where encouragement would be invaluable, or where sparks may fly are  included.  The guidance offered helps to nurture the new little man or lady to blossom and grow.


Pricing is in NZ$.