Who am I

Ahoy there intrepid adventurer!  I am Liezl James.

I luuurrrvvve helping people unveil their mysteries and acknowledge their talents.    You know what you’re about, you know where you’ve been, and although you may not be entirely clear on it, you probably know where you want to go.  I’m a bit of “cheerleader for you” without all the fancy moves.  (Though I have been known to jump up and down and clap frenetically!). 

I’m here to help you find clues to your purpose, how to best approach the stuff of life, and clarify intentions and aspirations.  I’m Sherlock Holmes to your Watson.  I find patterns and highlight concepts - together we figure out what it means.

I don't pretend to be the best and the brightest. I am however on this journey with you to be a #trueyou.  For me, and for you. 

I’m mostly real (I get bored with my hair colour now and then).  I’m human, messy, enthusiastic, earnest and learning all the time. 

Technically I can say I'm a professional astrologer - because I’ve got a 3 year formal Astrology Diploma to prove it, and have hung up a (digital) shingle. 

However, I prefer to call myself an Astrological Explorer. Why? I'm a "seasoned enthusiast", a term I just adore! I have learnt enough to explore with you and have worked through a few hundred charts to refine my craft ... but the universe leaves endless room for growth and discovery!   

0 birthplace.png

With all the rules in the world, no-one knows how astrology truly manifests in your life except you. 

So I’ll be a professional - astrological - explorer ...

and you’ll help yourself find the way.

My Astrological Journey

It all started when I was about 13 with a book by Linda Goodman called Love signs.  I borrowed it from a friend and carried it around with me everywhere! Then some-one borrowed it from me, permanently.  I eventually went out and got my own copy, which still sits on my bookshelf today. 


I spent YEARS looking up people’s interactions in the book.  I STILL haven’t had enough of understanding relationships between individuals.  How they tick, how I tick, how we interact, how they interact, what we all think and feel, and what gets that sparking.


I eventually found out that sun, star and love signs are but a teeny tiny minute little speck in Astrology.  There was, literally, I kid you not, a cosmos more!  I spent eons of sleepless nights on the (then) new thing called the internet looking up charts and learning how to understand them. 


My partner bought me my first grown up Astrology book for my twenty second birthday - Astrology, A cosmic science, by Isabel M. Hickey.  It was beautiful, the inscription was beautiful, and it was, well, waaaayy over my head as a novice!  I went through sheaves of paper attempting to draw perfect circles and aspects with rulers and calculators.  I practiced, but I don't think I ever trusted my math enough to do a reading off a hand drawn attempt!

After a few years of self-study, I eventually went into serious (like seriyas serious) Astrological studies.  The three year long formal Astrology course was literally (no jokes) the longest and hardest course I’ve ever done!  I sweated and toiled over my Astrological studies, agonising over every calculation and insight.   Most people thought I was having an early mid-life crisis, and more than a bit kooky.  At best they thought it made me eclectic (I really like that word by the way).  At the time I was also juggling formal IT studies and a ladder climbing career path in the business world (meaning I was very busy trying to sound clever, or at least not dumb).

I was fortunate to study with Rod Suskin, a highly respected Astrologer, whose course is internationally recognised.  Rod bases his work on ancient principles, and teaches Traditional Western Astrology.  That means that the majority of the techniques I employ are founded on a specific Astronomical calculation, or models thereof.  There is of course a modern context that colours these systems, however I do try and be cognisant of their source.  When you learn why a particular method is used, and how it came about from thousands of years of planetary study and math calculations ... one doesn't simply discard intellectual elegance on a whim!

Fast forward a few decades from the fascinated teenager … I’m still learning about Astrology, every - single - day.  I devour articles, attend conferences and sign up for online seminars.  I join master classes, study papers, constantly tweak and update my software, and often do free charts for relative strangers to continue the learning.  I listen to podcasts if unable to read, and consume many, probably faarrrrr too many, Astrology newsletters.


Astrology is just here, in me and my consciousness, all the time, every day.  It's the endless pathway to higher knowledge I'm happily trundling along.  I'll never reach the end and that's Ok. 


Because we're all made of stardust, and know the answers anyway.  We just don't know we know.  And that's the big mystery to be solved - to at least try to find out what we could know, and learn from it.

The formal stuff

  • Diploma in Astrological Studies (2011-2013), Rod Suskin School of Astrology

  • Cape Astrology Association (CAA), Committee Member (2013-2015)

  • Bernadette Brady Master Class, Predictive Astrology (2013)

  • Chris Brennan Lecture, Chart Rectification (2014)

  • Rod Suskin Master Class, Primary Directions (2014)

  • Cape Town International Astrology Conference, Astrology Restored (2015)

  • Robert Hand Webinar, Revisiting Horoscope Symbols (2016)

  • Astrology University Summit, Life purpose and destiny (2018)

  • Auckland International Astrology Conference, Making of the one thing (2018)

  • Richard Fidler course, Jyotish Introduction (2019)

  • Austin Coppock course, Tarot & Astrology (2019)

  • Cassandra Tyndall Astrology course, Layering techniques (2019)

  • Astrology University Summit, Astrology + Relationships (2020)

  • NORWAC International Astrology Conference (2020)

  • Astrologos Courseware (Bernadette Brady): Life, fate and the future, Houses, Nodes, Relationships 

The hippie thing

So what's with the Hippie thing?  Well, the word ASTRAL is just soooooo cool!  It means relating to or resembling the stars (think the sky on a page, in a chart).  It is ‘Astral Navigation’.  To me that means exploring the chart, which is what I do!  Oh, and the original latin word astrum means star –shiny, light filled, and full of promise!

HIPPIE, well that's just me wanna be.  I kind of takes bits n bobs of cool stuff I like in life (We all do, no man is a plank).  And I love all things gypsy, hippie, free, loving, insightful, together, interesting, eclectic, artistic, and adventurous. 

In truth, the name Astral Hippie just kinda popped up a few years ago and stuck.  And here we are - exploring the stars, together, in a fun way. 

The Rose of Venus

The planet Venus orbits the earth in an eight year cycle.  That cycle creates the image above, known as the Rose of Venus.  The mathematical calculations for this cycle echo the magical Fibonacci sequence and golden ratio.  Heaven repeated on earth.

The inspiration for my logo was born out of this Venus mandala pattern.  It is a beautiful relationship dance with great meaning, is sent with love, and is prominent in my own Natal chart.  Could it be any better!