I've spent the last week fighting debilitating neck spasms. I've tended to flop around on the bed for an hour spurting loud sailor worthy expletives before getting myself vertical.

I thought I was very clever and solved the problem by just staying upright for 48 hours!

The problem was that my drive to finish my 'to do list' got kicked in the butt by my body.

The body authoritatively stated ... "No, no, just no - stop!"

... "but I can still do that thing" said the mind

... "I said stop" countered the cop body

... "Ok I'll try that other thing instead " said the mind

... "What part of stop didn't you understand?"

... and boom, you're on your butt doing nothing and feeling even worse now with aches and pains lighting fireworks in your eyes and shooting out your ears.

That would be the real material world of Saturn laying down the law. If you push it too far - it will push back and flatten you. I have spoken to a number of people this week who've had terrible headaches, illness spikes, or jut outright frustration at being held back.

Our will is outstripping our body. We're pushing too far and it's pushing back.

So what to do?

  1. From 9 September Mars is going retrograde. Go inwards and decide what really matters to you. Pick those things that inspire you.

  2. Now whittle that down to 1-3 projects, and work on those. Do them well, and take note of the constraints, boundaries and delays you may have to navigate.

  3. From 12 September you'll see the light a little, and from 29 September you may start to gain traction.

  4. By Friday 13 November all cylinders will be firing if you've got them pointing in the same direction.

General Tips

Be nice to you. It will be all too easy to beat up on yourself right now, to just give up, be explosive, or speak harshly to yourself (or others) and break yourself down.

Think head - brick wall.

Look back, up, or sideways instead of beating the same spot. There's a way.

Keep reminding yourself of these tips. The head and brick wall scenario will be around until December 2020.

There is immense fire power to be harnessed here. Channel it in the right direction - your inspiration will burn and your warrior spirit will rise to the occasion!

Hope your golden chariot wins your Olympian games! It's constrained to a track in your back yard, and you need the warrior spirit to make it happen ... but you have more heart and fire than you could dream of! Pick a few things that matter and concentrate on that. Be nice to yourself, and let your hero shine! Your hero may be dirty and bloodied by years end, but it will be worth it.

By December you can re-evaluate where you are and whats next. Give yourself the victories that are available now, no matter how small. They will gift you long term value.

Love and guts, you got this, we've got this. Just keep swimming :-)

xxx AH


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