The bleh inbetween time

Today we're on that weird top of the fence moment, we can see the next step but we just can't seem to take it, or are not sure exactly how. The message being - don't! Wait till after the new moon on the weekend if you can.

The moon is at the very end of Aries (29 degrees), and the sun is at the very end of Taurus (29 degrees) , and soon they'll meetup in Gemini for the new moon.

But they're not quite there yet.

The key message is to wrap stuff up.

Perhaps get a few to do items off the list, take a breather, let stuff go. The twist is that those to do items are probably not the top priority items. These items are likely to be the "nice" or "easy" things, scribbled on an old list, that now lives buried underneath the pile.

And that's Ok. If you can put off the heavy lifting and huge new projects for the next few days - do. Just take a breath today. That's how it works. You need to breathe out the bleh, so you can breath in the new.

Maybe you'll finally listen to that last bit of a podcast or youtube episode. Perhaps you'll look into that interesting article you've been meaning to get to, or maybe you'll just daydream or have a nap.

The thing with cycles is, what goes up must come down, what swells must also subside. The moon is waning, dark, recouping. So should you.

Lounge around a wee bit

The "doing" feeling right now is sort of lounging around the warm baby pool with a cocktail, not quite the disciplined and active iron man ocean swimming. (That's my image of Mars and Neptune hanging out in Pisces). It's a dreamy inspirational in-between worlds time. It's perhaps a time to indulge for a moment in those niceties that make you happy, a wee bite of chocolate, a rest, a relaxing bath, wine (Venus square Neptune). Just for a wee bit though. Don't make any hasty decisions about building a jacuzzi with a built in bar just yet, this won't last long.

It's a work day, middle of the week, go go go ... and well no. It's the bleh inbetween time.

You've been busy, productive, getting shit done, and well today - kinda not really. Although the lights are on today, and things are chugging along - there's not much happening inside there. The brain cave is a little emptier today.

If you float along with it, you may well get some marvelous new insights and inspiration!

> Do write them down though, in case you can't remember them after your nap! There's a chance they may change your world in a few days.

If you really need to be productive - do the easy stuff. Perhaps some filing, or sorting, or tidying up the office. Practical but not too taxing.

Because its about to get biiizzeeeeee!

The sun moves into busy Gemini tomorrow.

The moon will then rush through Taurus over the next 2 days. This is a good time to plan a bit on that daydream or look for extra bolts of insight (exalted Moon conjunct Uranus).

And they'll both meet up in Gemini in 3 days to have a natter about that madcap idea - and see if its great or not (New moon).

The two key rulers are also meeting up in 2.5 days (Mercury and Venus conjunct in Gemini) just super charging this parteee!

So hold on to your horses Sally, there's a ton of social, mental, and emotional brand new starts about to be created!

But right now - revel in the "bleh inbetween time". Use it to get that nice easy stuff ticked off, or just catch a moment of calm ... because by the weekend you'll be buzzing!

Happy lounging!


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