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Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Mercury teetering above the abyss

Mercury goes into Scorpio in the next 12 hours. The pace is bound to pick up. Communications, connections, insights are all going to be fire-working out of the blue and sparking at your heels.

Yes, there are happenings, yes the movement is a relief. However, the movement is related to digging deep and trimming away unnecessary tendrils that are hanging on. You will find yourself compelled to look through the piles of paper, analyse underlying meanings, and separate from that which is not searingly true to you. It’s not easy, but it will SO be worth it!

The good news is that this is the tail end of the years restructuring. You are doing that final bit of actually delivering the donation pile, recycling the paper pile, and discarding any and all relationships, values, habits, relationships and thoughts that don’t sit right. These are the last few steps towards the year ends change.


The third and final meeting of Jupiter and Pluto’s 2020 sky tango occurs this week.

These two planets have been heavily involved in the 2020 – shit storm. They were strong around 5 April and 30 June, and are riding the crest of the wave to Friday, November the 13th. (These are NZ dates, your peak dates may be a day earlier).

Please do consider this is not a one day happening, it’s a culmination of the storm winds that have been blowing all year.

Those dates may ring some 2020 bells for you. Or, you could look back 12 years to Oct 2007 to - January 2008 and see if any patterns are repeating for you.

There is no way to tell exactly what this happening may bring. In the larger scheme of things its related to the materialistic world, its structures and behemoth corporations. It could be related to ginormous funding bailouts, virus blooms, and/or resource streams.

In your personal chart its bound to be connected to the earthly plane somehow. Your changes may be deep, dark and internal - but they will somehow burst out into real life and take root there.

Looking back at words from our January transformation event:

"… Look out for some stellar insights to guide your intentions to fruition! They may not be light and fluffy, but they will be truth-seeking, daring and powerful!


Mars prepares to step up, step out and at ‘em!

You may finally start to see results of your internal (and perhaps external) efforts this year.

All those exhausting dark nights of the soul – endless analysing and reviews of what really matters to you. The realisation that perfect make-up, social based everything and endless rat races don’t win in your heart of hearts.

Your family may have jumped up the priority ranks, and the body and soul benefits of making time and space away from the mayhem has been deeply felt.

But, you’ve also had to deal with the ensuing difficulties of how to live that soul truth in a (changing) material world. You may have had to readjust, tweak, take a step back and leap forward - only to have to pivot. Finding new ways that suit your world, responsibilities, and your soul – is war of the worlds stuff.

That fight is not over, but you will be gaining confidence in knowing when, where and how to be brave. Of realising where your power is - despite, societal restrictions and supposed “norms”.

The sparks that warm the soul ...

There is a subtle change from doing the preparation for the harvest - digging, tilling, and turning all that manure into compost - to actually seeing the fruits of your labour starting to sprout.

These may be internal changes manifesting in your everyday thoughts, or external events stepping into the space you’ve made for them to happen.

Look out for those shoots of growth and realisation over the next few weeks. The tender new creations you’ve been nurturing may start to slowly reach for the light from next week. Mars is then direct and gaining momentum by the end of November.

Direct Mars in Aries is fire on fire, with the matches. This means those soul sparks could light a few fires. Don’t be frightened. You know what matters to you. Keep soldiering on to your new way forward. You’ve got this!


The new moon and deep, quiet wishes

The magical, deep, dark, and mysterious Scorpio new moon epitomises the close and personal tide swing this Sunday. It’s a good time to acknowledge your innermost desires, your emotional truth, and set intentions to bring them into your world.

If you do perform a ritual, or send out a whispered wish, do it a little after the exact new moon in your location – help it with a bit of lunar goddess light to wing its way to the stars.

  • Mercury moving into Scorpio will help you identify where and how to be brave, to unearth and understand your truth.

  • The final Jupiter and Pluto conjunction this year will blow up pre-conceptions and may give you hard won clarity on what the truth is all about for you.

  • Mars, the Scorpion ruler will show you where your power lies, and encourage you to let it well-up through the muck into the eye-watering brightness of honest growth and progress.

The direct Mars leads the charge on starting a new cycle, and shining light on the path ahead over the next fortnight. By months end at the Gemini full moon - your inner narrative should be clear. You will be ready to bring it out and share it with your world.

I wish you a moonlit magic journey into this world of night blooming magnolias. May the deep and difficult inner work you’ve been embroiled in this year – start blooming into your soul truth. May you find ways to let that mysterious enchantment accompany you in the light of day.

Blessed wishes,

Astral Hippie Astrology


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