Epic Times

This post is a little different. It's not bulging with astrology information as the others are, and will be. This is a story, a true one, of epic times. It is aimed at joining together the psychedelic fragments of a life in one harmonious newly invented way of being. It is in the spirit of the skies, but rooted here in the below.

The purpose is to physically put out a hope for longevity, of something that matters, and makes a difference. I trust you are all doing the same at this time as we roll into the Solstice that marks the big changes. If it has value to you, and you want it to last and matter, put it out in the world in the next 36 hours. Breathe it in to the new, give it life.

Starry sparkly, overdone magic wonderful wishes to you all!

A story of hope

My wonderful mom and dad in law are celebrating their golden wedding anniversary - 50 years of marriage, and 55 years together! They are the most heart-warming, honourable and loving people I know. Together they have supported, loved, and inspired many generations in their work, softball, church, and amazing family legacy. They are dear to so many. Ken and Brenda, we honour you and your epic love story!

Right now, at this very moment, our family, or whanau as it is called in New Zealand, is celebrating this rare and blessed occasion - on the far away shores of the ocean between us.

We’ve been planning for a few years to ensure we were there in person to wish them well and rejoice in their milestone (we were wisely reminded it’s not a goal!). The most we could do at the moment though was to share a phone call. We sent them a roaring congratulatory cheers and warm cookie-baked-voice -hugs. We all giggled over the grandkids and fur-kids antics, and just basked in some all-round family good spirits and love.

We are connected

Sea shores join the oceans that part us. Marriage, salt water, love, respect, honour and blood create a connection too. We’re linked through mutual respect, and just plain sharing the same little patch of earth, screen, touch or voice stream at some point.

Yet we are also isolated

We all feel like that now and then, especially this year! Perhaps, mostly so in in the schizophrenia of our work, home, sports, friendship and professional circles.

I’m seeing people’s worlds expand from their tidelines, across the whole ocean, and encompass shores on the other side too. We’re touching hearts and minds through technology, and through shared values. We’re connecting through our humanity and our soul essence.

Heaven and Earth

At the time of writing this I am sharing in two great epic moments. There is the very real, very special couple celebrating on distant lands right now. And If I look up, there are two very special planets also coming together in the skies in a ‘Grand conjunction’.

Jupiter and Saturn are currently the closest they’ve been since the 13th century, and will be in our lifetimes! (look South west just after sunset until the solstice!). This signals the start of a new 20-year cycle on earth. My blurry camera phone image above does no justice to this amazing sight - other than to illustrate just how close it is!

In Astrology, this moment also heralds a new 200-year epoch change, as we move from the earth element to air. This has afforded the astronomical cycle the title of ‘Great mutation’ - as this particular configuration only occurs every 800 years!


Air fills all the spaces between people, thoughts, cells, ideas, and even oceans. In Ayurvedic philosophy ether fills the space between matter and that which is beyond. Incense smoke also represents that premise. Air connects, even though we seem far apart, we are one.

Momentous times

If you are still reading, I am honoured to be talking to you in the midst of two such epic moments. I’m joining in these momentous times by adding yet another blip on the internet-of-word-mania. You see, I’m putting out this black and white word connection hoping for the same longevity and milestone grace of these momentous times.

Current projects I hope will carry forward

I share these individual and collaboration projects with you now, so they may soak up the energies of the time, and hopefully help me, and us, be a better part of this world. In all our mutated, fragmented, connected and isolated glory.

I hope you do the same, and start imagineering how we may move forward to a better, collective, more inclusive, future.

Three cheers to love stories on earth and cosmic sky wonder!

Whispering winds of hope to you all as we move into the Solstice, and beyond.

Liezl James, Astral Hippie Astrologer, and all the myriad of things, thoughts, feelings and deeds yet to be.

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